Develop anywhere.

MagmaSDK is the first online development kit!

MagmaSDK lets you develop your own websites and managment systems online easily

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About MagmaSDK

MagmaSDK allows freedom for the developer, to write the codes of the site he wants to build with the specific needs of the site, which saves unnecessary lines of code. The code in MagmaSDK is clean, without unnecessary code and patches which exist in other systems, and creates clumsy site maintenance and management problems of the site - both to the user, and to the web developer.

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Online Development Tools

  • Development framework and CMS
  • Image and cutting and resizing tools
  • Files and images manager
  • Code and css live editor
  • Plugins maker

Build the HTML like you like

Magma SDK let you use an existing HTML code and create the managment system for it, or write the whole code yourself, the way you like it

Program to your client needs

Build a database and content managment system suited to your client needs. With MagmaSDK you decide what is the best option for your client to manage his website.

Maintenance became easy

With MagmaSDK you can maintain your clients website from anywhere, your home, ineternet cafe, or from the hotel internet computer when you are on vacation.