About MagmaSDK

MagmaSDK started the development in 2003 from the need to make development tailored to each type of website according to its unique needs. In other words, before 2003 the MagmaSDK system developer worked on a Mambo, and identified a need to fill deficiencies in the system through the establishment of an independent system which will provide all the tools for developing custom website. The system have unique codes, and during the process it actually created a new code writing language on the system.

Unlike existing systems, all the lines of code of the system developed in the MagmaSDK project and are not dependent on external projects. Since all codes of MagmaSDK developed independently of external systems, the system support for MagmaSDK is easy and developers get full support from the community that grows stronger, unlike all the systems on the market, which has various projects needing support.

MagmaSDK allows freedom for the developer, to write the codes of the site he wants to build with the specific needs of the site, which saves unnecessary lines of code. The code in MagmaSDK is clean, without unnecessary code and patches which exist in other systems, and creates clumsy site maintenance and management problems of the site - both to the user, and to the web developer.

MagmaSDK system is PHP based, in order to enable operation of the system on different servers (Linux, Windows, Mac OS server or Unix), without limitation of the developer to a specific server or system.

PHP is the language of today's leading online developments (server side), and it provides a good platform for developing custom sites. Another advantage of the MagmaSDK, is the site security aspect. The website's source code itself is separated from the system, providing maximum security to the site.

The serious development of MagmaSDK was for the last two and a half years, when Vital was established. The quantity of more Over 100 sites of all types were created, not only the development of low-tech sites, but it is the development of all types of sites in existing systems, that that made today's MagmaSDK a system that can provide all the necessary development tools, whether the project is a portal, E-commerce, forum, Mailing system, and other custom systems.

In fact, we can say that the challenges that the MagmaSDK faced for the last two and a half years, are what marched her for today, when it gives the developer a solution for developing "Challenges".

Today we face the final polishing stage of the system..


Our Team

  • Ram Matityahu Developer
  • Ariel Yakimov Developer
  • Avi Ben-Simon Marketing
  • Tamir Ohayon Project Manager
  • Gadi Zion Project Manager
  • Orna ohayon Editor

VITAL company was founded in 2010 after accumulating several years of experience in the development, management and planning of advanced internet activities in Israeli media. VITAL is based on professionals who specialize in technological development, strategic development, management, marketing and sales over the internet. VITAL today is one of the leading companies in giving solutions regarding web-development environment.

Our way began by building HTML-PHP based websites and online management systems tailored to businesses and commercial portals, combining our unique knowledge in programming and in-depth understanding of the online consumers market. Each project was invested with considerable thought while giving the customer personal attention and giving great emphasis on the graphic quality of the product. With time, experience and technological development online, we have developed a web management system called MAGMA and a website building platform which constitutes a breakthrough in today's market.

Our team consists of human robots, talking and cracking robotic technical challenges for lunch. These guys are our superheroes and they specialize in adapting the system to your needs and creating any type of model including those that does not exist yet - quick browsing through the sites we developed will show that in Vital - we think outside the box!

We love people and interacting with them - each one brings us new things out and opens our mind to new channels of imagination. We have good coffee, cold water, sometimes cookies and a lot of attention for our customers. We believe in our product and guarantee to a technological level that has not been seen yet.