Magma Documentation


Installation - How to install magma

URL Structure - How magma read variables from URL

Templating Engine

looprows - Getting information from the database using a "loop" configuration file.

looprows active - Sets active class or object in list.

looprows first - first item

looprows last - Last item

looprows auto_number - row number

looprows row_every - Break results to rows

looprows images size - Resize images in looprows or loopget

looprows limit - Show limited results.

looprows join - Loop files are created with the option to join information from other tables.

looprows order - Order by field

looprows dateformat - Changes the format "date" field is displayd

looprows if - Check a field in looprows

looprows if_not - Check if field have value

page_active - add "active" when we are in the page

part - Include a part of code


ol - Run javascript after page finished loaded

ebi - Short for document.getElementById

fx_command - Make animation possible

ajax_call - Call to a url and return a response

setCookie - Set a cookie

getCookie - Return the value of a cookie.


ifcheck - Load premade checks And return true/false

ifcheck php if - Check if statement is true or false

ifcheck sql query - Check if sql query return results

ifcheck connected - Check if user is connected as administrator

ifcheck isdev - Check if in developer mode.

lang - Show information using the language system

ls - List all files in directory


loopget - Get information from database to Array.

mgquery - Do an sql query.


plugin maker - A tool to make plugins for your website

plugin maker Table name - Table name as it should appear at the database

plugin maker Title - Title for the Management, in your language

plugin maker Limit - Limit the number of items managed

plugin maker Ordering - Ordering

plugin maker Show in toolbar - If to display in the toolbar of the site.

plugin maker Under menu - If selected, will appear under the selected menu.

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