Image manager / manage website design images

  • images
  • Upload images
  • Delete images
  • Edit imagest
  • Get code for CSS and HTML

Image cutting tool / Cut images for your html design

  • images
  • Cut images
  • Clean parts of an image
  • Pick dominate color of area

File manager / Delete rename and edit files/images

  • images
  • Browse all project files
  • Edit text files
  • Edit imagest
  • Edit image files with image cutting tool

Code editor / Edit code online

  • images
  • Edit code
  • Save and watch it running on your website

Css editor / Edit and watch css

  • images
  • Edit page and website CSS
  • Add/Remove styles
  • Watch changes on screen
  • Save directly to website files

Plugins maker / make plugins for your website

  • images
  • Create managment systems for website administrator
  • Automaticly create most of the code for showing information on the website
  • Maintain exising plugins, Add or remove fileds
  • Allow wide range of possibilities

Variables manager / manage website variables

  • images
  • Edit user cookies
  • Edit session values
  • Manage your database

MGDebugger / website debugger

  • images
  • debug calls to the database, and their results